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Pinnacle Valve Solutions provides specialised services when and where instrumentation is needed, such as; the supply of Instrument Valves and manifolds including transmitters or the preparation and development of Pneumatic Schematics for control systems. Stop Valves ASME Section I - No valve of any description shall be placed between the required safety valve or safety relief valve or valves and the boiler, nor on the discharge pipe between the safety valve or safety relief valve and the atmosphere (ASME Section I.

Specialists in high volume peak demand inspection & testing including shutdowns, turnarounds, outages, overhauls, projects, programs - Lead in, Execute, Close out. Medium & high-pressure valves in accordance with ASME, EN, BS and API Powergeneration / petrochemical industries.

providing a complete range of valves and complementary services such as technical consultation, project coordination, expediting, documentation, inspection, logistical services and after sales/site services. 2.


Design, Inspection, Testing and Repair of. ASME-Coded Pressure Systems. and Safety Relief Valves. MSC-RD Inspection, Testing and Repair of ASME-Coded Pressure Systems and Safety Relief Valves B. Solar and Photovoltaic (PV) Services. Your experienced independent partner for testing and supply chain management services addressing the solar industry.

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