Blanche ingram

Blanche Ingram in Jane Eyre

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Cette page affiche tous les noms et prénom de personnes faisant partie de l'arbre généalogique classé par ordre alphabétique. Blanche Ingram: Young socialite whom Mr.

Rochester is planning to marry. Though possessed of great beauty and talent, she treats social inferiors, Jane in particular, with undisguised contempt. Though possessed of great beauty and talent, she treats social inferiors.

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If your name needs to be added please contact us. Raised by her aunt Sarah (Sally Hawkins) after her parents die of typhus, young Jane Eyre (Amelia Clarkson) is later shipped off to a stark boarding school as the result of her perceived insolence.

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Jane gives her impressions of the guests, including the dark, majestic Blanche Ingram, whom she thinks Rochester must admire. Jane tries to sneak away from the party, but Rochester stops her.

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He notices she looks depressed and wonders why.

Blanche ingram
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