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Afghan Carpet

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Tribal Carpets of Afghanistan

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Afghan rug

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Tribal Carpets of Afghanistan

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Information about Afghan carpet from Afghanistan. This carpet is handknotted in villages and workshops in Afghanistan. Traditionally they have an elephant foot pattern and are famous for their beautiful red nuance. The carpet is very durable, with the best quality from Afghanistan.

A. KABUL – Sales of Afghanistan’s ancient carpet-weaving industry have dropped by half in the past year as war with Taliban militants heats up and neighboring Pakistan clamps down on border traffic.

Prized by buyers as much for their artistry as utility, carpets are still a chief export of the impoverished nation, but their share has shrunk to six percent from 27 percent within less than a decade.

Tribal Carpets of Afghanistan. To write effectively and intelligently about afghan carpets from the tribal areas of Afghanistan and the former central Asian States of the USSR would require many years of experience and personal knowledge of these carpet making regions.

KABUL – Sales of Afghanistan’s ancient carpet-weaving industry have dropped by half in the past year as war with Taliban militants heats up and neighboring Pakistan clamps down on border traffic. An Afghan rug (or Afghan carpet) is a type of handwoven floor-covering textile traditionally made in Afghanistan.

Many of the Afghan rugs are also woven by Afghan refugees who reside in Pakistan. [3]. The Beloutch and Beloutch-Type Carpet. Herat, in the west of Afghanistan, is the major marketing centre for a wide region where a large and varied production of carpets, rugs and flat-woven pieces, including killims, is woven; goods from this area are traditionally known as Beloutches.

Carpet afghanistan
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