Credit card debt analysis

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Debt Analysis

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Average Credit Card Debt in the U.S. in 2018

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Is There Really Such A Thing As Credit Card Debt Forgiveness For A Disability?

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Over the last decade, average credit card debt has grown at a faster pace –. Feb 06,  · Despite having a robust economy, San Antonio – where unemployment is just 3 percent – shouldered the heaviest burden of credit card debt of 25 large U.S.

metropolitan areas, according to an analysis of Experian credit report data by Credit Card Debt Analysis. View Infographic. Credit card debt has also increased from generation to generation, as cardholders ages 28 to 33 have an average of $5, more in credit card debt than their parents did.

Sep 28,  · Watch video · In the United States, more than 70 percent of households have at least one credit card, and as of 44 percent of American families held some amount of revolving credit card debt.

The U.K. Credit card debt is a reality for many in today’s world. Suppose that you had a $5, balance on a credit card with an annual percentage rate (APR) of percent.

Consider the following questions and prepare a report based upon your conclusions. MagnifyMoney has the latest statistics on credit card debt in the U.S. — how much debt American consumers and households are carrying.

Our analysis of the impact of Fed rate hikes found credit card rates are the most sensitive to Fed rate hikes, rising more than twice as fast as mortgage rates.

Credit card debt analysis
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U.S. cities with the heaviest credit card debt burden: San Antonio is No. 1 -