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Jeffrey Wigand 60 Minutes Interview (Censored/Uncensored)

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60 Minutes' most famous whistleblower

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No human being should be thought of or used merely as a means for someone else end. Dr. Jeffrey Wigand the main protagonist of “The Insider” portrays himself to be a conflicted individual as he makes decisions throughout the movie.

Jeffrey Wigand was born on December 17, in New York City, the eldest of five children growing up in a devoutly Catholic family in the Bronx, where his father worked as a mechanical engineer.

Jeffrey Wigand

Jeffrey Wigand was born on December 17, in New York City, the eldest of five children growing up in a devoutly Catholic family in the Bronx, where his father worked as a mechanical engineer.

Feb 01,  · Jeffrey Wigand, who was head of research for the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation from tois expected to follow up that testimony with an appearance before a Federal grand jury in.

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