Mann gulch

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Mann Gulch

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It was taken in Mann Gulch by Alan Thomas, who was the editor at the University of Chicago Press who worked on Young Men and Fire with the Macleans. Mann Gulch. Photo by Alan Thomas of the. Mann Gulch is surrounded by steep canyon walls with the northern slope at a 75% incline. When the wind turned on the smoke jumpers, they were in a race with the fire up those steep walls.

Also, most forest fires feed off dry grass, but the north slope of Mann Gulch was mostly tall grass. Mann Gulch Professional Review and Guide "This is a scenic and historical hike near the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness to the site of a tragic forest fire accident.4/5(2).

August 5, - A bad day to fight fire. I pick some hiking destinations for their scenic beauty or the views they provide, and others for the interesting geology found there. But what drew me to Mann Gulch is the tragedy that took place there on a hot, windy afternoon almost 70 years ago. Mann Gulch is a beautiful 2-mile long xmile wide V-shaped valley that slopes into Missouri River about 20 miles north of Helena.

The men parachuted into the upper (northeastern) part of the gulch around 4 pm on August 5, and prepared to fight a fire located on the ridge near the opposite end of the gulch. History: “The Mann Gulch fire was spotted at p.m. on August 5,a very hot and windy day.

The fire was in the Gates of the Mountains Wild Area (now the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness) just east of the Missouri river, 20 miles north of Helena, MT.

Mann gulch
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