Public transport pollution

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Paris mulls free public transport to reduce pollution

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German cities to trial free public transport to cut pollution

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Public transport

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Public transport, including trains, trams and buses, can relieve traffic congestion and reduce air pollution from road transport.

The use of public transport must be. With a child born in London in expecting to lose two years of life expectancy because of air pollution if exposed to the same level of pollution over their lifetime* what is the public transport industry doing to combat this major global concern?

Watch video · The Socialist mayor of Paris has said she wants to make all public transport free in order to reduce air pollution. Anne Hidalgo announced plans for a study into the feasibility of free city-wide.

Use Public Transportation to Reduce Air Pollution Use Public Transportation to Reduce Air Pollution. By: taxis and water transport. Public transportation is often regulated as a common carrier and is set up to provide scheduled service on fixed routes on a first come first served basis, although you can often buy a bus pass good for any.

In an effort to cut down on air pollution, the German government will be making public transportation free later this year. The campaign will take place in several cities, including Bonn, Essen.

Germany is reportedly mulling plans for fare-free public transport. But to reduce pollution, it might be better off investing in improved services and penalizing car use, expert Oded Cats explains.

Public transport pollution
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The Environmental Benefits of Riding Public Transit