Role of women in american revolution

American Revolution

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The Roles of Women in the Revolutionary War

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Some historians believe that women’s participation in the American Revolution contributed to the emerging role of Republican Motherhood, which assigned women the responsibility for the moral training of their sons for citizenship and led to the expansion of educational opportunities for women.

These roles are just some of the many ways women participated in the Revolutionary War. Either as nurses, maids, spies or soldiers, these women stepped out of the safety and security of their traditional roles in society and risked their lives to serve their country.

Women played critical roles in the American Revolution and subsequent War for Independence. Historian Cokie Roberts considers these women our Founding Mothers.

Women in the American Revolution

Women like Abigail Adams, the wife of Massachusetts Congressional Delegate John Adams, influenced politics as did Mercy Otis Warren, wife of Boston Patriot Joseph Warren.

Role of women in american revolution
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