The use of public spaces

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Standards for Private Use of Public Spaces

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Privately owned public space

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Denmark bans burqa in public spaces

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The rhythms of use of public space There are distinct rhythms and patterns to the use of public spaces, by time of day, day of week and even season. In Aylesbury a team worked with co-researchers from the local community to observe a whole range of.

Darren David and Nathan Moody of Stimulant explore experience design in public spaces. Our placemaking blog connects people who share a passion for public spaces to ideas and issues, news, places, and events that have come out of the placemaking movement.

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Photo: Wajahat Syed/Flickr How to make cities more livable for people?

6 Best Practices for Designing Experiences in Public Spaces

How to create good, inclusive and accessible public spaces for all? I’m not an urban planner nor an architect. I’m not a sociologist or an anthropologist either.

Public space

new! safe places to play and be active. Communities deserve safe places to play and be physically active. By working together and forging joint solutions, physical activity, parks and recreation, transportation, business, and education advocates can transform neighborhoods and improve physical activity environments for children and adults.

The use of public spaces
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